Just hours after CNN and NBC both scrapped plans for separate movies about Hillary Clinton, a conservative group that previously sued to release a film about the former first lady has announced plans to move forward with a new Clinton documentary.  According to "The Hollywood Reporter," Citizens United says the still-untitled movie will be distributed theatrically, shown on television and released on DVD before the next presidential election in which Clinton has been touted as a presumed candidate.  The new documentary, like Citizen United's "Hillary: The Movie," is not expected to depict the former Secretary of State in a flattering light.  

In 2008, the group  took its case against the Federal Election Commission all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court after the FEC tried to block the airing of "Hillary: The Movie."  They won.  The high court ruled that blocking the film on the grounds that it amounted to political advertising was an unconstitutional violation of free speech.