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Richie Sambora says there's "no malice" between him and the rest of Bon Jovi.  The guitarist, who abruptly left the group during their tour back in April, tells "The Hollywood Reporter" that he "for sure" would "think about" returning to the group next year. 

He says stories that he left the band over money are "baloney."  Sambora explains that "the currency of love and happiness is more important than the currency of money," and he just wasn't happy.  He says he felt a need to reconnect with his daughter, because after 30 years with Bon Jovi he "missed so much" of his child's life. 

Along with spending time with his daughter Richie has been taking care of his mother, who recently suffered a hip fracture.  And it's not just his own family Sambora is looking after.  He says back in September, when drummer Tico Torres was hospitalized twice for appendix and gallbladder surgeries, they "texted each other all the time."  He adds that now Torres' mother is ill, so he "said 'Dude, I'm here. What can I do for you." 

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