Alright, I could possibly be too old to be admitting to playing video games but I do....a lot.  This probably explains why I cook myself microwaved dinners and tuck myself into bed next to my weiner dog every night, but, still and probably always will be a gamer.....ughhhhh, so sad.

ANYWAYS, I purchased the new Xbox One shortly after its release date and am going through a major case of buyers remorse, here are some reasons why:


1.  NO GAMES!!!!  It's pretty obvious, I am a sports fan.  With the exception of basketball I can pretty much watch or game out on anything sports.  Well, the first game I bought is Madden 25 and I have already played 10 full seasons, I need a new game but that's where the problem is, my choices are limited at best.  No baseball games available on Xbox One.  No hockey games either, or golf games, or Nascar games, or tennis games, snowboarding games.  There is basketball which I do not enjoy, Madden 25 and FIFA Futbol (I have Madden and FIFA)....NOT ENOUGH SPORTS GAMES!!!  I believe only about 15 games total available for the consule compared with hundreds available for the "old" system.


2.  NOBODY HAS IT!!!  Not a single person on my Xbox FL has an Xbox One yet.  So, I find myself playing games either with friends who come and visit in person which is not often or by myself....blah.  The party feature is also no longer available so I can't be in a big group talking with friends who are on the Xbox 360.


3.  I feel like I am being spied on.  The kinect will freak you our the first time you hook it up.  It's like....and actual HD camera recording your every move and sound.....hmmmmmmmmm.


I could probably go on and on.....but, in the end I still have a 360 and will probably never hook it up again.  Just, get me some MORE GAMES and my major problem will be solved!!!!