America's Pastime has been tainted again.  This time, Barry Bonds or Roger Clemens or A-Fraud cannot be blamed.  Instant replay is complete GARBAGE!!!  

Let me get this straight, so now on every single close play the teams manager is going to come out of the dugout and engage in a theatrical argument with the umpire until he gets the THUMBS UP or THUMBS DOWN from his bench coach who's talking to people monitoring the replay before he decides to give it an "official" challenge or not?  At least football has a play clock and teams have to burn a timeout if they want to take a longer look at the timeouts in baseball...I don't like it. 
Just yesterday, a play that actually benefited my Cubbies got overturned....and it's a shame.  It was a classic, routine double play and the second baseman came off the base just a fraction of a second early before he threw the ball to first base....middle infielders have been doing this since the beginning of baseball and will continue to do it through every level of baseball that does not have instant replay.  The main reason for doing it isn't actually to cheat the play even though some will make the argument that some players perfect that art, the main reason is to avoid a collision and an injury with the guy coming sliding into second base.  This is a play where for as long as baseball has been played teams have known the middle infielders have came off the bag early yet rarely, even on bang-bang plays did it ever get contested.  Not anymore.  The same will be done to first baseman who pull their foot off the bag early to avoid getting stepped on. You'll see routine plays that are not even close get overturned at first base because of this new Bush League rule...let's just hope that's not how a team wins a World Series.