LOVE LOVE LOVE the Olympics, both Summer and Winter.  Here is a list of my 5 favorite events coming up next month in Sochi:

5- Skeleton.  You have to get lucky to catch Olympic Skeleton action but if you pay close attention late at night on some of the non network channels you might catch an Olympic treat.  Head first bobsledding....seems like a death wish.  Even though crashes are extremely rare, especially at the Olympic level, the "what if" factor makes it entertaining.

4- Men's Short Track Speed Skating.  Always fun watching the South Korean's try to team up and dominate this sport.  Unlike the Skeleton crashes on the short track are not rare as some of the biggest collisions of the Olympics are sure to come from this event.

3- Figure Skating, Mens and Womens.  OK, I don't really enjoy figure skating, but I do enjoy the judging contreversy that seems to happen every Olympics.  When a Russian team wins this years Olympics even though they fell three times during their routine you'll understand.

2- Snowboard Cross.  Lots of my favorites have to do with crashing, and the potential to crash.  4 snowboarders starting at the top of a mountain racing each other to the bottom presents such thing.  One of my favorite video games of all time was Cool Boarders on Playstation and Snowboard Cross reminds me of the craziness of that game.

1- Ice Hockey.  I am from North Dakota.  If I were to say anything else was my favorite Olympic sport I'd lose my Canadian citizenship.  I love the professional international team competition at its highest level....GO USA!!!!!!