For my first time since coming to Z a few months back I am going to get an opportunity to chat with my first rock legend, Rick Springfield, who is coming to 4 Bears on June 14th.  Feel free to comment with any questions or comments you want me direct towards the Jessie's Girl singer.  The interview will air either on Tuesday or Wednesday June 11th or 12th, I just need to confirm a time with Slick Rick's people.

Also, the NBA Finals begin tomorrow night and I hate to be a Heat Hater, but, GO SPURS!!!  I predict the Heat will win in 6....LBJ is the closest thing to MJ anyone of my generation has ever seen.

Finally, I watched America's Got Talent last night.....two comments about that, first Heidi Klum --- WOW.  She kept backin it up on Howie and Howie any chance she could get.....I even caught Howie Mandel sneakin a quick peek down low one time, shame on you!!!!  My favorite act of night one, hands down was Special it